Collection: B Grade Silicone Molds (discounted for flaws)

B Grade molds are flawed. Some of these flaws are not too noticeable and some are. The level of discount will depend on the flaws. Each mold listing will include a video and pics. Please inspect them carefully before purchase. All B Grade molds are no refunds or exchanges. Some of these flaws are not going to be noticeable in your freshie and some will but can be hidden with decorations such as flowers, charms, card stock, and glitter. We do repair all flaws to the best of our ability. Repairs do hold up for the life of your mold and are as strong as the mold itself. There is always a chance we missed a flaw and you’d like to have it repaired. For this reason we offer repair kits on our website. They can be used in any mold (probably from any vendor) but we only guarantee it works on ours. This is a great opportunity to purchase a mold for the first time at a discount to try it out and see if you like working with molds before purchasing any at full price. 

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